How to Take Care of German Shepherd at Home

 Taking Care of German Shepherd at Home

Bringing home a pup, be it of any breed, most certainly will pep up your otherwise routine life.  If you are looking for a very active and alert dog, then German shepherds would be an ideal choice.

German shepherds are best satisfied when they have company at all times, your pet will hate being left alone.  If and when a situation arise where you are left with no choice but to leave your dog alone for some amount of time, ensure that he has access to enough toys to keep him occupied like squeakers, balls, chew toys, etc.  This will also keep any separation anxieties at bay.  This breed requires a lot of space for running and playing around so try and not keep him tied down all day but give him free access to both your indoor and outdoor space to channelize his energy.  Of course this can be done only when he is fully potty trained or you will only end up with one big messy, awful smelling house.  When still a pup, however, avoid taking him out while you are jogging, running, or going on a long walk as he is still in his growing stages.  His bones will not be fully developed yet for such vigorous activities.

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to Take Care of German Shepherd at Home

Once he develops into a fully grown adult gradually change from puppy food to adult food.  Do not take too long a period for this transition as it will only weaken his stomach.  Home cooked food of any meat varieties minus the bones will be well accepted by them.  This along with supplements of vitamins and minerals will well balance out his nutritional requirements.  Give him a raw meaty bone for his dinner to keep him occupied (while you are so intolerantly snoring away to glory) until he falls asleep.  Like all dog breeds, German shepherds too require fresh clean water for drinking.  Dogs need plenty of drinking water just as humans do.

Bloating often occurs in large dog breeds and German shepherds are more prone to this condition.  To prevent this limit your pet’s activity for 2 hrs before and after eating meals, develop a feeding schedule and follow it diligently.  If dry food is given more frequently choose a brand that swells when wet and soak it before feeds.  This will also limit his water intake after eating for when excess water is taken in immediately after feeds, it is known to encourage bloating in dogs.

German shepherds look forward to strenuous, vigorous actions; they will enjoy a session of fetch, will take pleasure in either going in pursuit of a ball or jump high up to catch a flying disc.  Keep your pet active; take some time off every day to exercise and play with him.

Keep your German shepherd cool during hot climates as he is more susceptible to heat strokes during brutal summer months.  Either wrap his body in wet towels or give him access to an inflatable rubber pool filled with water to soak his entire body in.  Also keep him well hydrated.

Bathing sessions should preferably be held once a month or your pet dog may develop eczema when done frequently.  Over bathing will strip off natural oils from his skin and can motivate dermal infections or dandruff problems.  Regular brushings carried out on a daily basis is sufficient enough to keep your German shepherd clean.  Also keep his nails trim.  Nail clipping and bathing can be performed by you when allowed, if not take him to a vet for his regular grooming sessions.  This will also give your vet an opportunity to conduct regular health check-ups and de-worming rituals on your pet.

It is recommended to neuter your pet German shepherd when fully developed both physically and mentally.  When he approaches his first birthday, this would be the most apt time to sterilize your dog.  If not make sure that you find good foster homes for the pups that will arrive in future.  Neutering will however help him maintain his overall health and control his temperament.

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