How to Build Your Own Cat House

How to Build Your Own Cat House

Cats are very independent creatures.  They love to roam freely, climb on things; and will dig their claws into anything that can make them sharp.  Confining them indoors may deprive them of the outdoor glories; but then by not letting them outdoors you may be saving them from contracting diseases, injury or death from moving vehicles, and dog or other cat attacks.  Cats grown indoors can also be made happy and gay by enriching the indoor environment with various cat furnitures and toys that can either be purchased from pet stores or made at home with remnant materials lying around after constructing your own house.

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Build Your Own Cat House

List of materials required:  A front open square or rectangular box, 3 ft. long lumber pieces – 2”x4”; for the top 22”x25”x4” lumber piece, the bottom lumber piece of 24”x18”x4”; sisal rope – 3 rolls; Quick-Tube building forms of 4 ft. and 12” diameter; plywood; screws and nails; corner brackets; and carpets.

List of tools required:  Miter box and saw; screwdriver; hammer; measuring tape; adhesives; utility knife; and carpenter level.

Method:  Prepare the lumber poles by rolling the sisal ropes around the 3 ft. lumber pieces carefully and nailing it into place.  Wrap the sisal ropes until about 2 ft, and cover the exposed areas with carpets.  The lumber pieces meant for the top and bottom of the structure should also be carpeted.

Fix 2 sisal wrapped lumber poles to the bottom 24”x18”x4” lumber piece.  Nail these into place on the front edge of the platform leaving some space from both the ends.  At the rear of the platform, positioned exactly at the middle, fix the remaining lumber pole into place with the help of nails.  Place the top 22”x25”x4” lumber piece on top of the 3 poles and firmly fix into place using nails.

The wooden box should be made warm and comfy by carpeting the exterior and interior surfaces.  This will be the dedicated indoor space of your pet cat.  Use corner brackets and screw the box to the top platform.  Screw it through the undersurface of the top platform.  Following this nail it firmly to the lumber poles.  You can place some bedding material inside the box to keep your pet cozy and snug.

The Quick-Tube building forms of 4 ft. and 12” diameter should be measured and cut at a length of 22”.  Cut this longitudinally into 2 halves.  Carpet one of the semicircular halves of the tube for this will function as your pet’s bed.  Position this couple of inches below the box.  With the help of corner brackets and screws, fix the back half of the bed to the poles.

Finally cover the exposed brackets with carpet pieces and your pet house is ready.

While constructing a house for your outdoor cat, make sure not to construct it on the ground as you would construct a dog house.  In all probability, your cat will only sleep on top of the roof.  This will also not protect them from dogs or other predators.  Constructing a cat house on legs with the entrance within leaping distance is recommended.  If you have not dealt much with wood or carpentry work, it would be best to seek guidance from an expert to help build your cat house to perfection.


Step by Step Guide to Build Cat House

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