How to Stop Cats Urinating on Clothes

How to Stop Cats Urinating on Clothes

Cats peeing on clothes found lying around the house are left with owners who are very distressed and disgusted.  Urinating in places other than their litter box may be their way of communicating that it is displeased with some changes made by you.  There are some steps that can be employed by cat owners to solve this problem.

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–       You may find your cat urinating on clothes that are left in the laundry basket or on the ones lying on the floor unattended.  They may choose clothes that you have worn more than twice or the ones in which you have exercised with.  This may simply mean that it likes the smell of you and getting rid of sweat smell from your clothes may help eliminate the problem to a great extent.

–       Your pet cat may otherwise be urinating on clothes of a family member who has been absent for quite some time.  This may mean that the cat is stressed out due to the missing presence of its loved one.  In this scenario you may need to stack away that particular family member’s washed and unwashed clothes away from its sight.

–       Urinating in inappropriate places is often anxiety-related.  Confine the cat in a small space where it feels comfortable.  Then gradually expand the space limit that it can gain access to.  Let the chosen environment have limited options for it to urinate on other than the litter box.  Clean the litter box unfailingly every day.  This will make sure that the cat is using the litter box and help prevent future episodes of it urinating in inappropriate places.

–       Get a laundry basket that has a tight lid that cannot allow your cat to get into.  Do not leave unwashed clothes lying around on the floor.

–       Your cat may not be satisfied with the litter material chosen for its litter box; or a change of litter box, unkempt litter area, a new diet, or new faces in your household may be stressing and causing it to urinate on your clothes.  This may be its way of saying that it is not satisfied with the things happening around her.  Change things back to the original and this may completely solve the problem.

–       The cat may just be marking its territory by urinating inappropriately.  This is a common behavior among cats that have not been neutered or spayed.  Fixing your cat may leave you with the solution.

–       Get rid of the urine smell from the soiled clothes completely.  They go back to soiling the clothes that is left with the smell of its urine even though it cannot be smelt by humans.  Wash your clothes with a good enzyme cleaner that are available commercially.  You can also add ¼ cup vinegar while washing clothes to help remove cat urine smell.

–       A good citrus based enzyme cleaner can be prepared at home.  Cats dislike citrus smells and will prevent it from soiling your clothes when washed with this enzyme cleaner.  Combine 100 g brown sugar, 300 g lemon and orange peels, and 1 liter water in a bottle.  Cover the bottle and store it away.  Shake the bottle every day and loosen the lid occasionally to let out gases formed during the fermentation process.  Once completely fermented (it takes 3 months to ferment), it is ready for use.  Use ¼ cup of this solution while washing clothes.

Try and spend more time with your cat, pet it often.  Do not ignore it for long periods of time.  Time and again they need your loving attention to help them feel secure.  If your pet cat still continues to urinate in inappropriate places it may be due to health issues.  Take your pet to the vet and treat if any disease conditions are diagnosed.  This will help solve most of your cat’s behavioral problems.

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