Instructions to Build Your Own Dog House

Instructions to Build Your Own Dog House

Providing your pet dog its own space either inside or outdoors can be fun, rewarding, and will keep your pet happy.  Before starting there are a few things that need to be considered.  What breed your pet is, what kind of a coat it has, and the average height that it can grow up to.  Also consider the kind of building materials to be used, the kind of ventilation that your pet may require, and the amount of space it may occupy.


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 Build Your Own Dog House

The materials used should be of long lasting quality, and constructed solidly enough to withstand the playful nature of your pet.  Make sure it has enough room to stretch while sleeping, stand and sit without being too cramped.  The doorway should be large and able to be left open.  Consider keeping a window since humidity inside due to inadequate ventilation can make your pet very uncomfortable.

In order to build the doghouse on your own, you need to gather some basic essential tools.  Saw, hammer, multi-bits screwdriver, powder drilling, nailing gun, file, measuring tape, measuring scale or ruler, protractor, and a pair of compasses.  The materials needed are ¼” thick plywood sheets, 2×2 studs, screws, nails, 8 L shaped and 2 T shaped braces, and a drywall bull nose to rainproof the roof.

 Build Your Own Dog House

–       Get some 2×2 studs.  Cut 4 equal sections for the length of the house, 4 identical sections for the width of the house and 4 equal sections for the height of the dog house.  Then assemble 2 equal length sections and 2 width sections with the help of some screws and 4 L shaped brackets to form the bottom of the frame.  Follow the same method for the top of the frame.

–       Gather the 6 identical sections and screw them perpendicular to the bottom section of the frame with screws, and then screw them to the top frame on the opposite side.  The main framing is ready.

–       Measure the total width and height of the frame.  Transfer these measurements on to a sheet of plywood and draw 2 rectangular shapes for the front and back siding.  Then draw 2 isosceles triangles centered above each rectangle utilizing the ruler and protractor.  Cut these out with the help of a saw and nail it to the back and front of the frame.

–       Take some leftover 2×2 studs and cut 4 identical pieces for the roof support and 2 smaller pieces for roof reinforcement.  Nail the reinforcement pieces followed by the roof support pieces.  Screw the T brackets to the reinforcements and the frame.

–       Next construct the left and right side walls now that the back and front sidings are nailed into place.  Measure the total width and height of the frame.  Transfer these measurements on to a sheet of plywood, draw 2 rectangular shapes, cut with the help of a saw, and nail it into place to the left and right side of the frame.

–       With all the sidings in place, it is time to cut for the doorway.  Carefully trace an outline – it is recommended to cut it out in a side and not center it, to make a better shelter for your pet.  Cut the opening (with the height and width of your pet taken into consideration) with a saw.

–       Measure and transfer the length and width of the bottom frame on to a sheet of plywood, cut with a saw, and nail it into place.  By now the frame should be rigid.

–       For the roofing, measure the total width and length of the roof section adding some more inches and centimeters to the measurement for the roof to extend beyond the whole doghouse footprint.  Transfer on to a plywood sheet, cut with a saw and now you have 2 rectangular pieces for the left and right roof.  Screw it into place carefully to the roof support studs and to the top right and top left side of the doghouse frame.

–       Cut and nail the drywall bull nose to cover the gaps between the 2 roof sections and rainproof the roof.  Paint with your favorite color, fix handles if any spare are lying around, make a name plate with your dog’s name, and if necessary a small window can be cut out by the side of the doorway for better ventilation.

You can personalize the dog house by placing its toys or treasured objects, its sleeping bed or blanket, and food and water bowls.  If you have zero skills in carpentry, you can purchase dog house kits available in the market or seek professional help to construct a doghouse for your pet.  However, remember that no matter how nice the dog house is, it is not suitable as a round-the-clock home for your pet.

Dog House Building Manual

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