Natural Raw Diet For Dogs

Natural Raw Diet For Dogs

Dog owners should be responsible about what they feed their pets for what goes into their dog’s stomach will only influence the overall health of their pet.  With the various brands of commercial dog foods available at pet stores choosing the best for your pet should not pose a problem, but is this what your pet dog actually require?  Is this in reality the best option?  Is this in totality healthy for your dog?  Most well informed veterinarian doctors recommend an all natural raw diet for dog species.

Raw Food Diet for Dogs Pros and Cons

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Raw feeding refers to feeding your dog food items that are not cooked and not processed, but is nearly in the natural state – nearly because cleaning and cutting into desirable portion sizes will be obviously carried out by the dog’s caregiver.  Raw food in reality is what a dog will get when left out in the wild to fend for himself or herself.  Moreover, tearing food into smaller pieces and involving longer time for chewing helps in developing their jaw, neck and shoulder muscles giving them a more well-toned appearance.

Raw feeds will include raw meaty bones, carcass either whole or parts of either chicken, lamb, pork, fish, beef, rabbit whichever your pet dog prefers the most.  Maintaining variety however is recommended, for even we humans will only reject food when same vegetables or meat are cooked and served to us on a daily basis.

A dog’s digestive system is not designed to eat vegetables, fruits, or grains and these are just not appropriate for a dog is what most best educated vets think.  While some vets feel raw bones can give rise to severe abdominal complications, some feel strongly that feeding cooked bones can be problematic.  The best option would be to feed uncooked but soft meaty bones that have no splinters to rule out any health issues.  Give your pet large portion sizes that will only force them to chew and not choke on their food.  Younger dogs will need to be thought how to eat raw food.  Initially it is recommended to hand feed the dog ensuring they do not swallow their food until thoroughly masticated.  It is essential to monitor them closely during the initial days of raw feeding to avoid any mishaps like choking or inhaling large pieces of meat while eating.  Manage the portion size carefully by looking out for various signs that your pet may be giving out.  If they appear fat after staring them on this diet then reduce their feed amounts or if they appear far too thin, then feed an extra quarter piece of meat.  Also increase and decrease according to the amount of energy spent by them on a given day.

Puppies too can be given the same raw food, obviously in lesser quantities, unlike commercial dog foods that come in various ranges for different age groups.  Dogs basically require a diet high in protein and low in carbohydrates.  The advantages of feeding dogs a raw diet are that it does not give out strong body odor from dogs, it helps in maintaining their teeth naturally, and produces less poop that gets easily degraded after a couple of days.

One important criteria to be taken care of while feeding raw food is to control bacteria.  Wash hands thoroughly before and after handling raw meat, clean the kitchen counter and utensils used to mix raw meat, and wash your pet’s feeding and drinking bowls after every feed episode.  Small amounts of bacteria can be managed by the dog’s immunity system without any problems.

So with plethora of information available it is time for pet owners to put on their thinking caps and ponder about what is best for their pets.  One can do their own little bit of research or with some help from a professional guide, dog owners can work out a raw diet plan that is most appropriate for the type of dog they keep.

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