Professional Dog Massage Techniques

Professional Dog Massaging Techniques

A massage for your pet dog will help relieve your dog’s sore muscles, a stiff shoulder or back and will ensure that he remain active with an increase in his mobility levels.  Massage can be carried out with your own bare hands at home or it may also be done by a professional.  Professional help is especially required if your dog is recuperating from a surgery or an injury.  Below are a few dog massage techniques that can be followed by a pet dog owner at home but make sure it is done the right way with only slight pressure applied.

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Before any massage technique calm and relax your pet with gentle petting strokes.  Give your dog’s eyes a massage with his eyes closed.  Massage his eyelids using your thumb and forefinger in a semicircular motion applying gentle but firm pressure.  Clean any impurities or tears that might ooze out after a massage with a sterile cotton ball and wash your hands immediately.  Be very careful while performing massages around your dog’s eyes but when the right method is followed you will help your pet retain his healthy vision.

Caress your pet with several gentle strokes starting from his head all the way to his tail.  This will relax and calm him down.  Cradle his face on your lap and remove any debris or waxy substances from within your dog’s ears with a clean cotton swab.  Get him to a sitting position in front of you and holding his head by the snout gently rub his head with your free hand.  Release his jaw and hold both his ears with your thumb positioned inside his ears and rest of your fingers on the outside.  Begin a gentle circular motion between your thumb and fingertips starting from the base of his ears progressing slowly to the tip.  Once at the tip gently tug at his ears and hold pressure for approximately 5 seconds then repeat the whole process for a couple more times.  This will help your dog in getting rid of any anxiousness he may be experiencing.

With your dog sitting down, position yourself by his side.  Then with your thumb feel the area between his shoulders.  Gently slide your thumb down applying slight pressure going all the way down to his hip region.  Repeat this couple of times.  Now begin gentle tapping motions with your hand clenched in a loose fist starting again from his shoulders to a point just above his hip avoiding the area where his kidneys are situated.  Repeat this twice or thrice.  Follow this up with large circular motions using your fingertips covering the entire sides of your dog around his ribs.  Apply light pressure while doing this gradually increasing the pressure with smaller circular motions.  Your dog will enjoy this; you will notice him settling down in a more relaxed position through the entire process.

Get your dog to lie down and position your body in front of his legs.  With your palms stretched out flat begin stroking him from shoulder to paw of his foreleg.  Once your dog appears relaxed gently knead his shoulder muscles with your fingertips and knuckles to help loosen his muscles.  Gently work your way down to his legs.  Once at his elbow pinch his skin and muscles between your thumb and fingertips all the way down to his paws.  Then wrap your palm around his leg and slowly pull down the length of his leg to his paws.  Repeat this for some time and then follow the same technique for his hind leg.  Once complete roll him over to massage the other front and hind legs in a similar fashion.  This massage is essential and beneficial for dogs that are active with constant jumping and running around.

You can use some essential oils while giving your dog a massage and always dilute it before applying.  If giving your dog a massage is a new experience for you, seek help from a professional guide to get the techniques right.  When a massage is done incorrectly you will only end up harming your pet rather than de-stressing him.

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Dog Massaging at Home – Simple Techniques

It is becoming more and more popular to combine alternative treatment methods along with medications to help heal animals at a more rapid pace.  Massage therapy in dogs is one such alternative procedure which involves manipulation of tissues, muscles, and tendons with the use of hands.

Get your dog to lie down and very gently stroke him from his head to tail with a few scratches behind his ears, under his chin, and rub calmly along his cheeks, between his brows, and over his nose.  Once your dog begins to enjoy these stroking movements and appears relaxed, calm, only then begin the actual massage strokes.  Do not force the dog to lie down for you.  If he appears fidgety or is uncooperative stop any plans of giving him a massage.

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Massage the back of your dog along the length of his spine with gentle, long strokes applying about 1 pound of pressure.  Slowly slide down to the tip of his tail.  Follow the direction of his hair growth and stroke with one hand immediately followed by a stroke with the other.  This will warm up your dog’s body tissues.

Follow this with gentle strokes on the sides of your dog taking care not to rub him too hard.  Do not apply any pressure whatsoever, but a calm gliding stroke over the skin.  Always move the hand towards his heart in this technique.  This will stimulate his internal organs and will improve functions of the system below his ribcage.

Massage the tips of your dog’s ears and paws in long gentle strokes to help relieve any stress or tension in your pet.  On the entire area around the dog’s neck there are several acupressure points.  Get your fingers into the occipital ridge and massage in a semi-circular motion from this point to the sides of his neck applying about 1 to 2 pounds of pressure.  Gently pull the sides of his neck downwards giving a stretch to his muscles and work back to the occipital area.  This massage technique will help your dog deal with any anxiety issues.

A more surface gliding massage around his legs will help your dog loosen up his leg muscles, will stimulate blood circulation around his joint area, and will promote relaxation.  Gradually increase depth of the massage by moving his skin along with each stroke allowing a little compression and twists around the whole length of his legs.  Avoiding twisting joints for they are are not designed to be done so in dogs, a slight rotating motion will suffice.  This will stimulate the joint fluids thereby improving his leg movements.

Thumb glide massage technique enables to find tight spots in your dog’s back muscles and help release tension within them.  Place the flat surface of your thumb at a point on his shoulder blade and applying light pressure slowly glide it down along the length of his spine to hip region.  Once at the hip give a light circular motion.  Begin from the start point all over again with a gradual increase in pressure to a point that is tolerated by your dog.

Kneading your dog’s muscles involves gently pinching and lifting the muscles back and forth with one hand leaving the other to remain passive on your pet’s back.  Kneading will help loosen any tight muscles and tendons that may be limiting his range of motion.  Pressure applied should be very light and gentle.

Your dog will let you know when he has had enough; he will become restless and unwilling.  Do not overdo any of your pet massage techniques.  Avoid giving abdominal massage all by yourself and leave this for professionals as occurrences of internal injuries are high when done by unskilled hands.  The whole process should be enjoyed by both you and your pet dog.  These dog massages can be done by you within the comforts of your home unless of course your dog is recuperating from an injury or an illness.  In such situations professional help may be warranted to avoid injuring your pet any further.

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