Feeding Your Dog Raw Food

Feeding Your Dog Raw Food

Dogs are flesh-eating mammals and not omnivorous though they are very adaptable creatures.  The transition from a wild dog to a domesticated pet was entirely arranged by us humans for companionship thereby bringing about a change in their dietary requirements.  Though the domesticated version may appear smaller than their wilder counterparts, they still possess the dental consonant and digestive system of a carnivore.

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This is supported by the fact that they have huge as well as tiny needle sharp teeth designed to grab, rip, shred and chew raw meat.  Their molars are sharp and pointed unlike omnivores who own flat molars which assist in grinding plant substances.  Moreover they have powerful jaw and neck muscles allowing them to pull and hold down their prey when in a struggle and eat large meat portions at one go when in a hurry.  Their stomach has more of a springy quality to it enabling them to hold more food matter.  They have a shorter gut which means food passes through quickly unlike omnivores where the plant matter require to ‘stay put’ for more fermentation time and thus are in possession of longer and larger intestines.

Feeding domesticated dogs constantly on a commercial food diet may have reduced production of enzymes essential for breakdown of raw meat, but when taken off of commercial pet feeds and given a raw food diet, these enzymes are known to return to their proper functioning levels for satisfactory digestion of raw food.

The type of raw foods that you can feed your pet dog with is either a BARF variety in which some fresh uncooked raw meat along with bone, some raw organ meat, and few veggies will form the major portion of their diet; or a whole prey assortment that may include the carcass of a chicken, mice, rabbit, fish, etc.  However, feeding whole prey to dogs is the most recommended method to follow for dogs are not designed to eat plant matter.

Thus find a suitable source to meet your daily raw meat requirements; this can either be sourced from your local butcher shop or you may raise food for your pet dog in your very own backyard.  Whatever the choice is stick to fresh unprocessed meat.  Some dog owners have an aversion to cutting and handling fresh raw meat.  In such circumstances feeding their pet dog with a pre-packed raw diet is recommended.  These products are available at most well established pet stores or can be directly purchased from distributors.

While carrying out a change in your pet dog’s diet, go slow initially with only gradual introduction of raw food into their diet.  This will prevent any indigestion issues.  Once your dog’s digestive system accepts a full meal of raw food begin to incorporate carcasses of different animals.  Feed your pet at least once a day with may be a few table scraps after your meals in between.  Take care however, to not stick to one particular fish variety constantly and avoid feeding liver more than once a week.

Adjust the portion size and amount fed depending on the energy spent by your pet dog on a daily basis.  Overfeeding or undernourishment invariably will only complicate matters often progressing to health issues.  Fast your pet one day each week to help their body get rid of accumulated fat, toxic buildup thereby enabling to clean their digestive system naturally.

You may notice your pet dog drinking less amounts of water when on a raw diet – this is because moisture necessary for digestion is available at appropriate amounts in raw food.  But give them access to fresh clean water always.  Avoid feeding milk though for most adult dogs are lactose intolerant.  If your dog does not show an aversion to milk, natural unsweetened yogurt or cheese will be a better option for milk substances get deposited on their gums and teeth causing bad breath.

Dogs generally have robust stomachs and can digest raw food without any problems.  Simply put, fresh raw food will help boost your dog’s immune system providing them with all the essential ‘live’ digestive bacteria for maximum performance thereby reducing disease occurrences; and what better way to ensure that your pet dog is healthy and at his best?

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