Natural Food Diet for Dogs

Natural Food Diet for Dogs

Natural food literally means any food item that does not contain artificial ingredients, coloring agents, or preservatives.  In case of meat it will mean any unprocessed variety not treated with artificial hormones.  Food in its pure form being in accordance with nature is the best diet any dog caregiver can provide for his or her pet.  Unnatural processed foods only generate toxins when ingested which slowly poison your pet dog’s body from within.

Raw Food Diet for Dogs Pros and Cons

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Natural raw food will provide your pet dog fresh wholesome nutrition.  It contains numerous natural enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that normally get destroyed when exposed to high temperatures.  Moreover raw food can be ingested easily by dogs without exerting too much pressure on his digestive system.

Feed your dog raw meaty bones if the thought of giving him whole carcass of a chicken, rabbit, or fish complete with feathers, fur, or fins and scales petrifies you.  Just make sure it is fresh and untreated.  Giving your dog only meat minus the bones can be disastrous.  Meat has no calcium content but lot of phosphorus; the calcium in present in abundance in animal bones.  Hence only meat without bones will not balance out your dog’s meal.  Try feeding your pet large pieces forcing him to chew his food and not swallow in one go.  Chewing will exercise his jaw and neck muscles and help in keeping his teeth clean and healthy naturally.  Do not ever feed your pet cooked bones as they splinter easily and can cause internal injuries.  Also avoid feeding him ground meat and bones for your dog will only gulp it down in a hurry increasing his chances of choking on his food.

Eggs contain lot of phosphorus and egg shells have high calcium content.  Raw eggs complete with shells can be fed to dogs once or twice a week but not daily.  However cooking eggs does not lessen its nutritional properties so an occasional egg scramble or boiled egg will not pose a problem.

Milk contains both phosphorus and calcium but most dog breeds are lactose intolerant.  Besides milk and other dairy products contain lactose which is a form of sugar.  It is recommended best to avoid giving sugar to canines as it increases their chances of developing cancer at some point in their life.

Dogs are also known to feed on raw fish but your domesticated pet will take his own time to get used to it.  Thus start off with feeding him in small quantities once a week.  Canned fish is a poor substitute to fresh fish so avoid any canned fish products as far as possible.

Any food item in its natural form will help your dog’s body system flush out all kinds of toxins.  The transition from your dog’s commercial pet food to a raw diet should be gradual though most dogs will accept raw meat readily for it makes a tasty treat for these species.  Initially mix 1 part with 4 parts of his existing feed slowly increasing the raw food amount until he begins to take in a full meal of raw food without any digestion problems.  Monitor him closely though and note for any change in his behavior and stool formation.  Once he begins to form firm stools consistently it means the transition is favorable.

When food is not digested in totality it conveys that your pet is not receiving essential nutrients from his given meal which will be the case with most processed dog food.  Yeast in any form will give rise to allergies in dogs thus shun giving your pet dog any bakery products.  Similarly avoid feeding dogs candied chocolates for it contains an ingredient that is toxic to dogs in adequate quantities.

Dogs get their energy from fats and proteins present in raw meat.  You will begin to notice a more healthier-looking pet with an enormous energy level in your otherwise lethargic dog once he is started on a natural raw food diet.  So go ahead and being making your own organic and all natural dog food and see your pet dog grow vigorously.

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